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2015 in review

12 Jan

What is an annual review for me? A time to reflect on the highlights and the things that didn’t go quite as planned. A time of new goals and visions for the year ahead. 2014 was a quiet year. 2015 was a bit more exciting:

  1. Wrote and published my first photography guide.
  2. Redid my entire website complete with a shop so you can buy my photos and books.
  3. Went to four countries in Africa which included a safari in Kenya—A dream come true.
  4. Traveled to Australia, my fifth continent…officially. Visited my mastermind friends, only the second time we’ve met in person but we’ve talked almost weekly for three years. Country count is now at 40 since I’m counting Taiwan.
  5. Volunteered at my favorite conference, WDS. Even lead the 5k run of 60 or so people. I also volunteered at the sister event Pioneer Nation. Good times!
  6. Attended Camp GLP (Good Life Project).
  7. Went to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.
  8. Traveled through 11 new states bringing my total up to 35. (Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota.
  9. Had two epic road trips! One to the southeastern corner of Oregon with a new friend and the other to Yellowstone for my five year anniversary. Five years of marriage is also an accomplishment!…something worth celebrating.
  10. Another amazing road trip took me to my seventh and final wonder of Oregon, the Wallowas. What an awesome place to camp and hike. It was fun to explore more deeply the seven wonders this year. I think I visited or revisited all but one in 2015.
  11. My photo was selected (1 of 10 out of 1,000+) by Lonely Planet to participate in a photo adventure in Seattle.
  12. One of my photos was in the top 9 on a feature page on Instagram. Yeah!

It was a year of many road trips and two big adventures overseas. I saw a lot of growth and transition in my business. I saw a lot of growth in myself as well.

What went wrong?

I lost my sunglasses in an epic wind gust in South Africa. I just wish “act of god” was covered under the warranty.

I forgot some of my own travel rules.

  1. Always bring cash (more than $70!)
  2. Always carry cards from two different banks with chips (preferably a Visa and a Mastercard)
  3. If your card has a PIN, know it well and make sure the card has a chip.

Next year

As always, in the coming year, I have to grow more in my business. I’d like to make more clients happy and be able to save some money. Happiness for all!

Continue supporting my husband and his business goals. If you live and Portland and want delicious hand cooked meals delivered to your door, I must connect you with him. He is the most amazing chef I know. I am blessed.

I’d love to make it to at least one of my top five bucket list countries: Peru, Iceland, New Zealand, Croatia, Turkey. If I make it to Peru I also get to add a 6th continent to my list.

Publish my next book. It’s a travel book! (comment if you want to know when it launches, I’m currently in the editing and designing phase)

In between travel blog posts, you can follow my other weekly blog, my 140 character adventures on Twitter and my photo adventures on Instagram

Wishing you an amazing 2016! Cheers.

What world domination means to me

21 Jul

What does World Domination Summit mean to me? Well in 2012 it was a life changing weekend that I will never forget. I have been three times since that weekend. WDS just celebrated 5 years as a “conference”.

The themes of WDS are Community, Adventure and Service. Each of those may mean something different to each attendee as we are all pretty unconventional types. The saying goes, we are trying to live “a remarkable life in a conventional world.” Most of us have non-traditional work or we bring our unconventional mindset to the “corporate” job. To me, we are a bunch of misfits, weirdos and rebels. We buck the system in order to make a better one. We want to leave this world and the people in it better than we found it.


Community to me is the people. They are my tribe. I have never had a tribe that I loved so much before. Even though we are thousands of people, I know that everyone in this tribe is awesome, someone I could talk to and learn from. Someone that would listen to me if I had a problem. Someone that is doing something cool.


I love adventure. In fact, I live for adventure. A lot of the members of WDS are travelers. Either they have their own business so they can work from anywhere in the world or they love to travel far and wide when they go on vacation. Chances are pretty good that if you are going somewhere in the world you could run into a WDSer. If they have room, they’ll probably even put you up in their place or find you an awesome local place to stay.


That brings me to the service aspect of WDS. The people in this group are such givers. If you have a problem they’ll help you troubleshoot or connect you with someone that can. They often give you help for free. More of a “pay-it-forward” approach. If you do pay for their services it will be well worth it as I’m sure they’ll go over and above their already awesome contribution. Their work will be great because they love what they do and love that they are working on with you.

If we aren’t giving to each other than we are probably giving it to some other great organizations in the form of monetary donations or community service. The people in this community are just so giving.

#WDS2015 (check out the twitter feed)

This WDS was particularly raw and vulnerable in the main stage talks. I think we were all crying on and off at certain points in time and none of us cared that we were doing so in “public”. We were sharing a moment and that was fantastic. We were listening to someone be real and we loved it.


The past three years I was an attendee but this year I wanted to give back to the community that has given me so much. I wanted to be that helpful person for those first timers or that friendly face to those that knew me. I was thanked so many times. I thanked them right back for coming and being a part of this great space that Chris Guillebeau created for us. I told them I wasn’t working too hard as I was loving what I was doing. Anything I could do to help!


Some of my favorite quotables from the weekend:

There is something bigger than yourself. — 

Self confidence grows every time you promise to yourself.

Follow the path. See where it goes. Embrace uncertainty. — 

Don’t trade your voice for things that don’t matter. It’s OK to say no. — 

Loss is what cracks us open. It’s natural and leads to growth. — 

It’s not about what you do but WHY you do it.

Even elephants are born small. —

Adulthood is a process of reinvention.” — 

Abandon your ego and good things will happen. — 

Sometimes you just have to let the tapestry cone completely undone to start again. — 

Love is the only thing that lasts. — 

Don’t make money, make a difference.

When you are an adult, try to be a kid again.

When you see people as just a platform, you eventually stand on them. — 

No label will embody all of your gorgeousness, ever. Get over it. — 

Something I always tell people who wonder why I am a photographer and designer, not just one or the other:

The same principals of design apply to photography. — 

Till next year…keep the magic going!

WDS party

Past inspiration from WDS

WDS 2013

2014: A Quiet Year

28 Dec

It’s annual round-up time. A time of reflection on the highlights and the things that didn’t go quite as planned. A time of new goals and visions for the year ahead. Here’s my top ten from 2014.

  1. Made some really great connections, forged some lifelong friendships and learned to grow my business at Pioneer Nation.
  2. Had two photography shows.
  3. Went to my first live TEDx event in Portland. It’s pretty cool seeing it in person versus the countless videos I’ve watched on screen.
  4. Celebrated one year living in Portland. Yay! I love this city and it’s quirks.Portland!
  5. Met my two Australian mastermind members for the first time (after a year and a half of weekly online chats!). All four of us in one place at one time was amazing! WDS brought them and so many more people that I loved seeing. Plus all the new people I met that live in Portland and around the world. Thanks again Chris for picking my friends and also helping me achieve my third world record.
  6. Volunteered a lot. Two big projects I worked on were for the Brian Grant Foundation and Women Enough.
  7. Took a road trip to Boise.
  8. Got my very own horseshoe on the wall at Pope House Bourbon Lounge. I missed my original quest deadline but made the second one. Just over a year to complete 50 bourbons.
  9. Camping on Mount Hood and checking out Timberline lodge for the first time.
  10. Went to Maui for Thanksgiving (aka Friendsgivemas)! It was great to spend the holidays with good friends and tour the whole island in the process.

Sunset in Maui

It was a quiet year. A year of growth in the valleys. A year of no new countries or states but I did a lot of local exploring. I explored more spots in Oregon, California and Idaho. The good news about local travel is you don’t have jet lag or a 10 hour flight.

What went wrong?

I was supposed to go to Greece for TBEX and some of the surrounding countries but the trip just wasn’t coming together as easy as I wanted it to so I didn’t go at all. Bummer, but I did work and save some money! I was supposed to go to Africa as well but there was a death that derailed the trip, so I opted to postpone. I found out that you can delay your mileage tickets for up to a year. Pretty cool trick I learned this year. Hoping that I won’t have to use it very often, but good to know.

Next year I have to grow more in my business and add some more travel to my list. Starting with my postponed Africa trip…stay tuned for more adventures in 2015 on the blog. You can also follow my 140 character adventures on Twitter and my photo adventures on Instagram.

Wishing you a happy 2015! Cheers.

Fulfilling a coffee cup quest to Malaysia

28 Sep

How did I end up in Malaysia. It was this mug, right here:

KL mug

But let me back up for a moment and share some history on mugs.

The forbidden mug

When I went to China many years ago, there was a Starbucks inside the Forbidden City. The menu was all in Chinese and the experience was a bit surreal. There I was, in the Forbidden City and I didn’t know the Chinese word for Mocha — or any other coffee word for that matter. That wasn’t in my “must know to get around” vocabulary list. But, I thought, what better way to remember my experience than a coffee and mug from the Starbucks inside the Forbidden City? So I bought one and somehow managed to ordered a drink with my new cup.

The Starbucks is no longer in the Forbidden City so it’s even more special that I have that memory.

The abstract art mug

My next out-of-the-area Starbucks encounter was in New York City where I discovered a really cool mug with abstract shapes depicting Central Park. Again, I thought, what a fun way to remember my time in New York — a good looking item for my hot beverages, not something that’s going to collect dust. These mugs seemed to be the perfect souvenir, usable and they literally and figuratively contain a memory.

I never intended to start a collection, but my husband thought that’s what I was doing since I had two mugs in the cupboard. He very sweetly and innocently bought me a mug from Kuala Lumpur (KL) while shopping at the local second hand store. I thought, this is awesome, now that we have the souvenir, we must go there! He didn’t understand that my collection represented the places I had been, a special memory for each mug. Now that I had the mug, we’d have to make the memory. I mean, I couldn’t rightfully own it without having been there, right? My husband had no idea what he signed up for when he bought the gift: a trip to Malaysia!! Oh and on the way we’d need to visit Bangkok, Bali, and Singapore. I’m a huge fan of making that long trek worth it.

This trip ended up as the honeymoon we’d always wanted — a week in Bali. All because of a second-hand mug. A mug and a quest to fill it!

Tell me your quest and you could win

Do you have any quests? I’d love to hear about them. Plus, one lucky person that comments will receive a book about quests, The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau. I’ll follow up in two weeks with the winner and a list of some of my conquests.

How is a quest defined:

A clear goal with a specific end point, a clear challenge, a sacrifice of some kind, a calling or mission to fulfill and steps to achieve your quest. I can’t say that I used this whole formula for all of my quests like fulfilling my coffee cup mission but I got there!

The book has tons of examples of what other people have done or are doing for their quests. It’s inspirational but yet real world too. You should check out the book if you are looking to add more meaning to your life or you like the pursuit of it all. To me, there’s always more in the journey and than in the end game.

Wisdom and inspiration from my WDS soul tribe

27 Jul Activate: Brave Bot

My journey to the unconventional life I lead now wasn’t long in miles (unless you count airline miles) but long in years. It took me a while to actually live the life I wanted to live. I always thought I couldn’t do it or I wasn’t ready. One thing WDS 2014 taught me was that taking imperfect action and starting before you are ready are the two things we all need to do more often. You learn so much when you just start. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to start. You have to live the life you want to live before you can actually live it.

Sounds confusing, right?

It’s not. Let me tell you about my favorite lessons from this year’s World Domination Summit. Maybe it will help you live the life you’ve always wanted. I know it’s helped me already!

AJ Jacobs told us to be bold. To be experimental. To act the way we want to feel. If your body acts how you want to feel your mind will catch on eventually. At least, that’s what science says so it must be true. Acting how you want to live will start to be how you actually live. For me that means putting a smile on my face when I’m feeling down or frustrated. Not walking all hunched over but instead putting on my invisible cape and letting my enthusiasm lead the way.

You just have to fake it till you make it. And, it’s not really faking it, it’s just starting before you’re ready. Maybe you need to look in the mirror and give your old friend a pep talk about how awesome you are. I know I need this kick in the pants some days. (insert power pose here — that’s right stand up, do it…you’ll feel better)

Be bold. Be experimental. Dream. Do.

Jadah Sellner of Simple Green Smoothies, taught us that building a business is like building a relationship. The first thing you should do is say your dreams out loud. Doing that tells the world what you want and people will help you get there and it also means that you are really asking for it.

Take imperfect action to achieve your dreams. You don’t have to know everything you are doing because you will learn along the way. All successful people have failed, you just might not know it, but I’m sure if you ask they will tell you about it. In fact, why don’t you do just that. If you are having trouble reach out to your mentors. Ask them how they got there.

The last thing you need to do is learn to let go. You can’t do everything to be successful in business. Learn what you are good at and do that. Hire professionals for the rest. Also, let go of those dreams that just aren’t working out. It’s ok. You’ve got other dreams you can work on. Don’t forget that in each of us is a 5 year old that has many dreams. Always be dreaming and doing…

I'm Melissa Jones and I am somebody

Michael Hyatt taught me that there are three kinds of life we can be living or maybe we’ve been living each of them at different points in our life. I know I’ve been in all three, probably just this week! There’s the drifting life where you are just floating and not really engaged or knowing what’s going on around you. You’re just going through the motions. I know I’ve been in this phase when going through a really rough patch in my life, I called it the fog. I didn’t know when I was in it till I was starting to climb out.

If you know that the drifting life isn’t for you, then you may be on the opposite side of the spectrum, leading the driven life. You are overcorrecting and trying to never drift. You’re trying to always be in control of everything. You aren’t letting go of anything but good health because you are stressed all the time. This is me when I let go of my self care (running, time with friends, time away from my computer). When I’m working so hard during the week, I don’t take any time for me. I feel horrible. I’ve forgotten what I want my life to be like. What’s work for, if you can’t play too?

The third life is the intentional life, it’s the desired life. You are doing the things that are important to you and focusing on how you want to be remembered. You are leaving your mark on the world and being a better person because of it. You are doing what matters to you. You are putting on your own air mask before assisting others. You can’t help others if you are dying. Wake up! Stop drifting and overcorrecting. Life is short. Here’s my story about waking up!

Go outside your comfort zone and live.

Elise Blaha Cripe, was a last minute addition to the WDS speaker list and one that really resonated with me as an artist. She was another that spoke to the theme of dreams and saying them out loud. She was also a huge proponent of breaking down your large goals into actionable to do lists. Doing this makes achieving your dreams more manageable. You just have to focus on step one. Then step two. Not looking into the future, just focusing on the here and now. The one step you have right in front of you. I’m so guilty of messing this one up. I can get really bogged down in my to do list without focusing on one thing at a time. When I do this, often called multi-tasking, I’ve screwed up everything I’ve been working on to some degree. When I do this, I have to remember to slow down and focus. Turn off my distractions and really prioritize. I really need to start going for a walk. I need to be clearing my head and remembering to put on a smile (and a cape if needed) before starting work again.

If you don’t know where to start ask someone that’s been there, they’ll tell you the steps. Take bold moves or you’ll never achieve anything beyond what you’ve already done. Speak your dreams out load and get on board with your own ideas. Get others to hold you accountable or help you when you get stuck. This works! Do it and do it often! If the thing you want to do has never been done before, do it. If you make something for you, chances are others will benefit from it too. If not, your life isn’t over, move on to the next dream. It’s ok to fail, that’s how we learn to succeed.

Find your tribe, if you haven’t already.

Start a mastermind, resource circle or accountability group. I’ve had a group of four ladies that I’ve met with online for the past four years. WDS 2014 was the first year we were all together in person. It was amazing! And it all started because I asked for some accountability friends for a course we all signed up for. They answered the call and now I have three friends for life! Who knows what more you can have in your life if you just ask. That reminds me of last year’s speech by Jia Jiang. Take risks, make the big asks…stop being afraid of rejection.

We’re all in this together. We’re all family, really, just look at our family tree.

WDS is truly my soul tribe, the place where I belong.

 I'm Melissa Jones and I want to change the world!

Make good choices! — John Jantsch

 Are you a maker or afraid of your own ideas? I know I’m a maker that’s afraid to ship…sometimes!

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Jump! — Scott Berkun

Read more about my leap into helping awesompreneurs “full time”. My jump into the intentional life.

 I help awesompreneurs!

WDS is all about inspiration, adventure and service to the world! Let’s do this!

Full speed ahead!

How can I help you today?

Moving to Portland: How I reinvented my life through my WDS tribe

18 Jul

Drawn to Portland

When I lived in Corvallis, I loved visiting Portland on weekends. There was so much to see and do all the time, especially in the summer. How did I end up actually moving to Portland after years of talking about it and lusting after this awesome city? It all began when a mentor of mine drew me to a Portland-based conference of amazing people and when I was told “no” one too many times.

Learning to listen to myself

In 2012, I said “yes” and I went to the World Domination Summit (WDS) in Portland. It changed my life. I had been in a fog since my mom’s death in 2009 and I was searching for a better life, a different way than I was living at the time. I always considered myself unconventional yet I wasn’t really living that way on a day-to-day basis…anymore. I was living in a town that didn’t fit my adventurous ways and working at a job that caged me in a box.  After two and a half days at WDS, I came home late Sunday night and went into work early Monday morning.  It was like hitting a brick wall. My inner consciousness was screaming: “You don’t belong here”!

I had heard this voice before. I had heard it even before my mom was sick, and the whole time she was fighting cancer. But I ignored what it was saying. I didn’t think that it was a great time to up and quit my job. I had to keep paying my bills. I had a husband. I had friends and family telling me “no, you can’t quit”. The last thing I wanted was to be a burden on anyone else. I put my needs on the back burner. Besides, I had no energy left to fight for anything else but her cancer for four years. When she passed I was exhausted. I felt defeated and wounded beyond belief.

Finding my way by making new goals

WDS was the inspiration I desperately needed to wake up again. After the event in July of 2012, I decided to make some one-year goals for myself, for the next conference. I wanted to drastically change my life. I wanted to quit my job, move, be around more amazing people and travel the world for more than a week or two at a time. I wanted life to be more unconventional, every day. Thankfully, my husband supported me in all of these goals. And the people that didn’t support me?  I wouldn’t let them derail me anymore.

Months later, at the end of 2012, things started lining up. Chris Guillebeau, the founder of WDS and my travel mentor, was having a celebration in Oslo, in April 2013, because he had visited every country in the world. Norway being his last stop. I have followed his journey for some time and really wanted to go. I asked if I could have the time off work and was told “no”. I knew it was time to pick what was most important to me. I had wrestled with this soul-sucking demon long enough. It was time to end it and start over. Time to rip off the band aid and start the new journey into healing myself and my soul. I bought my ticket to the party, and booked a plane ticket to ensure there was no way I could continue at my job. I had backed out of quitting so many times before, but I knew that I would never back out on a plane ticket and trip with friends. Part of the healing process is to know thyself and listen to the voice within!

Shortly before the trip I put in my notice at work. They thought I was crazy to quit my job and not have anything lined up. Not to mention going to Europe for three weeks. “Who does that?” they asked me. Obviously not the people that worked there. I was different; I could see that now.  I could see myself going places. I couldn’t stay a caged cubicle bird any longer. I had to fly, literally and figuratively. I worked hard until 5 o’clock on my last day. I walked out the door and got on a plane for the first three week vacation of my life. I was flying off to celebrate a special achievement for someone with big goals, someone I admired, someone I wanted to be like. I was flying off to start an adventure, to craft my own big goals. Life was great! …Then my husband got laid off work.

Where do I belong?

I had an amazing time in Europe, but was worried about spending money; not knowing what we would do when I came home. More had to change in order to live the lifestyle I wanted. Once I returned home we made the decision to move. I wanted to move to Portland for the city life and the people I had met at WDS. My husband thought we should check out Austin, TX or another state instead of Portland, which he considered a “comfortable” choice. He remembered that I wanted to push my boundaries, and Portland might not be enough of a push. We decided to take a road trip and apply for some jobs along the way.

We toured 10 states! The road trip was great, but the decision was clear: we wanted to be in Portland. We put in our month notice at our apartment and I began packing up the life I had led for the previous ten years. I purged a lot of belongings; I cried; I wanted to change my mind but ultimately, I knew I needed to move on. I needed to be in the city. After all, I wanted to do that years ago. It was my dream. Time to make my dream happen.

What I love about Portland

Portland has an amazing food and arts scene, amazing people and a top rated international airport — all things I was looking for and that were important to me for my home city. I wanted to surround myself with the people I saw as my mentors — my tribe — my WDS community. I wanted to be around people that were going places, achieving their big goals or starting something new. I didn’t want to be stagnant anymore. I wanted to grow. I wanted to be with my tribe year round. And I wanted to travel more often without the road trip just to get to the airport.

Now I Belong

Things were scary and different at first, but I wouldn’t have changed it. After being in Portland for just over a year I have grown so much. I have met so many great people through my WDS community and beyond. I have pursued my own business and partnered with others (still working on making it sustainable but at least I started). I have eaten at many great restaurants, photographed my adventures (I sell prints!), had gallery shows and I have gone to several movies, concerts and events. There are so many things to do on any given day. I have sounding boards for my business ideas and more fast friends than I’ve ever had before. I didn’t lose anything by moving to Portland; I’ve only gained. For the first time in years — or maybe ever — I feel like I belong, and that’s one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. Other than skydiving or my mother’s unconditional love and friendship.

Living in Portland is like living WDS year round. It’s a way of life. It’s my community. I’m not a native, but I feel like this is my home. When I travel, I know I have a great place to come back to. I know I that I have a home that I’m connected with no matter where I fly off to.

Portland. It’s not just different; it’s better.


P.S. If you think this would help someone, please share. If you want to talk more with me about my story and what I do, contact me. I’m just a girl, making her way in the world.

P.P.S. WDS 2012 post, WDS 2013 post and the other awesome Chris G event Pioneer Nation.

Mom and I

One of the last photos I have with my mom, my best friend and the person that inspired me to travel and live my dreams.


PDX Pioneer for life

4 Apr

Pioneer nation is a small, intimate gathering of people running their own businesses or having an idea of something they want to start. It’s about bettering ourselves, our business and making the world a more awesome place. It’s about having conversations and making connections.

I’m now part of the tribe that says, “Chris G picks my friends.” Chris Guillebeau tends to bring the best and most interesting people together in one place. I’m happy to have these people as my tribe, the place I belong. Thank you Chris for all that you do! And thank you to everyone on the team that makes WDS and Pioneer Nation happen. You rock!

Some of my biggest takeaways from Pioneer Nation are in the “slogans” I heard.

Here are some of my favorites and what it means:

You are not alone. — Stop doing it all. Ask for help. We aren’t good at everything and you can’t succeed on your own. You can try but I’m pretty sure it’s impossible. I mean, really, do you want to be your own plumber, cook, gardner, mechanic, accountant, lawyer, business partner? Need I go on? I think you get the point. We all specialize and we all need other services that people specialize in.

Your heart is your compass. — If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. If you don’t want to finish the movie or book you started because you don’t like it, you don’t have to. Find something else you like better and do that. If something feels good, do it…all within reason of course. You don’t need to drink the whole bottle of wine or drive like a race car driver on the highway. Be kind to others. Come from a place of kindness but also with intention.

Take those crazy bets! — Crazy bets are the ones that pay off the most. If given an opportunity, take it! What’s the worst that will happen?

A shot of Fernet can lead to a lot. — You’re sitting next to someone in a bar. Maybe you should talk to them. Maybe you should buy them a drink. You never know where it can lead unless you start that conversation. Maybe they become your best friend or your business partner but you’ll never know unless you approach people as potential friends. Don’t be nervous. We’re all in this together. We all belong. We all offer value of some kind.

Hurry up and fail. Fail more often. — Successful people have failed a lot. You just don’t know that about them. They’re known for their success and you can be known for that as well. So, the faster you fail, the faster you can succeed. Make it. Ship it. Fail. Try again until you succeed.

Power pose it up! — If you don’t know what this is check this out. It really works! Try it every morning. You can also check out Cold Shower Therapy. Great for getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Nick offers daily wisdom to help you along the way. Things to think about in life and in business to make you better. Who knew you could get this from the shower?

Mostly I just rip off other people’s stuff. — It’s all been done before but you are what makes you and your offerings unique. Give your business your own personal style. Make it yours. Give your business a personality. Your personal brand. If you need help, call me. Ok, well I’m not really going to give out my phone number to everyone on the web but you get the idea. I’m here for you. If not me, find another designer that likes what you are doing.

I have nothing to lose. — What’s the worst case scenario? You fail? We’ve already covered that above. So, you’ll try again or they say no. Ask someone else. Refine it and try again. You only lose if you never enter the race.

Fail the fu*k out of life! — Again, fail. Fail faster. Fail a lot. If you don’t fail, you’ll probably never succeed.

Think big, talk small. — You may have grandiose dreams for yourself and your business but if you don’t talk to the people that are actually using your services (or products), you’ll never know what you’re doing right or wrong.

Do no harm. Use your powers for good. — As stated above, you don’t need to harm others to do good in the world. There’s room for all of us to succeed. In fact, your mentors will probably help you if you ask.

Say yes!! Say no! — Kind of another way to say some of the above. Say yes to the things that excite you or that feel good. Say no to the things that bore you. You only have one life (I know this is debatable), make it a good one. Make every day count!

Don’t survive, THRIVE! — Don’t just sit back and survive or be a passenger in life. Go out and do things, take action, create things and live your dreams. If you aren’t living outside your comfort zone, you aren’t really living, you’re surviving.


Whew! I think that’s a wrap. For now.

So thankful for all my new wisdom and all my new friends. #pdxpioneer for life!

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