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What’s on my list

13 Oct

Bucket lists, life lists and quests.

What’s the difference with it all? Most life lists and/or bucket lists don’t have dates assigned to them. They are just lists of things that you’d like to do…someday. If you want to assign a date and work toward achieving that item, it moves into the quest category.

Some of the items I’ve checked off my lists:

Run a 5k — Thinking that I would never want to run a half marathon being a short distance runner in high school. I thought I would get back into running and set my sites on a more achievable goal, a 5k. Accomplished it twice! Then, I needed a bigger goal, a 10k! When that was accomplished I moved on to a half marathon.

Skydiving — Went to Vegas for my 27th birthday so I could have a longer free fall than some places near my home. What a thrill! Truly one of the best feelings I’ve ever had in my life. I highly recommend it.


Take a three week vacation — I did this when I quit my job. I took the first three week vacation of my adult life and I loved it. I also fell in love with Spain and Belgium.

Take a sailing class — I wanted to ride in a sailboat but what better way to prepare for the next sailing adventure than to take a lesson.

Walk on the Great Wall — One of the wonders of the world! I’ve been on it twice, in two different places.

Attend an NFL game — I love football! I have a few favorite teams so I thought why not go visit a friend in Atlanta and also see one of my teams play while I’m there.

Ride a mechanical bull — I kept trying to do this close to home but I kept missing it, so I found one in Vegas, then again at WDS.

Take a helicopter ride — I gave this as a gift to my husband for our one year anniversary. A paper ticket for both of us to check it off our bucket lists.

Check out both sides of my ancestry — I went to Germany a couple times, once for Octoberfest. I also went to Ireland for Saint Patricks day and a road trip. Both amazing adventures. Beautiful countries!

Become a whiskey club member — Twice! It does take me a while to try 50 whiskies or bourbons but I get there, eventually. And now I have my name on a plaque for Elysian Whiskey Club and a horseshoe with my name on it for completing the bourbon derby. Fun times!

Quit my job and start my own business — Check!

Some items I haven’t checked off my list yet:

Surf lesson — Maybe body boarding was all I needed to do but I still have surfing on my bucket list.

Snowboarding — I’ve been skiing but never on a snowboard. Thought I should try it at least once but I really hate being cold. Brrr…

Hang Gliding lesson — I love flying, what else can I say!

Zorbing — Ever since I heard about this I thought it would be fun to do, just not in a mall, somewhere cool like New Zealand.

African safari — This almost happened in the summer but I had to postpone. Hopefully it’s happening in the near future.

Zip lining — For some reason I want this to be in the jungle.

Grow my business — Continual growth and improvement…always!

Mostly my bucket list contains the United States (all of them) and all those other cool countries around the globe. I’d like to go everywhere but I don’t have a date for it all so it’s not quite a quest. Just a lust for roaming. (33 countries and counting…)

I'm not a fan of selfles so the feet will have to do! The famous PDX carpet!

I’m not a fan of selfles so the feet will have to do! The famous PDX carpet!

Need more on quests and how to start your own. Make sure to check out Chris Guillebeau’s book: The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life

Since, I didn’t get any entries to win the book, I’m giving it to the first person that asked to have it. I hope they enjoy the book as much as I did. If you still want to comment on your quests, I’d love to hear about them.

Cheers to your next quest!



22 Aug

Something I wrote from my third visit to China in 2007. This was a much needed visit as I was going through a lot of stress. I just went through a breakup and my mom was undergoing cancer treatments. I needed some me time. I needed some time away to recoup my energy. Traveling with a group of people and staying in a hotel room by myself was a nice combination of peace and discovery. I met some really great people on this trip that I still talk to today.


A world away in an internet cafe (in Li Jiang called The House of Tibet)

Some people live in caves and some people live in houses that are falling down, some people work for 8,000 yuan a year and some people plow fields with oxes but happiness abounds. It’s such a wonderful thing. They may have little to no possessions but they have their health and their family, that’s enough to make them happy. It’s such a beautiful thing. I planned this trip long ago not knowing that I would be running from something when I came. But now I feel that I’m not running any more. I think China is a magical place. If you have health and love it’s all you need to be happy.

Did I mention that the funny part of this story begins again with a luggage debacle. Ha! Let’s just say that an elephant somehow found my suitcase and I had to get a new one. Things could be worse 🙂

Beijing was great. I was able to walk the great wall on a clear sunny day. The only problem was the wind. I swore I was going to be lifted off and blown away. We went to some great gardens. One of them overlooked the Forbidden City. We also went to a newly discovered Ming Tomb that has not been opened to the public yet. Did some shopping but not nearly enough to fill my suitcase. Must continue!

I saw a Chinese doctor. That was a great experience. I think that western doctors should take a cue from them. Maybe my new herbs will cure my troubled heart and mind. Oh and the visit to the Shaman to grant my wishes. May my wishes come true. But don’t ask me what they are because I can’t tell you.

Xi’an was neat. The terra cotta soldiers were amazing. It’s the largest tomb in the world. Just a little trivia for you. Went to the Ancient Wall that used to surround the city and the Great Mosque. There is a very large Muslim population. That surprised me.

Li Jiang has been my favorite so far. This is what I came to see. It is so scenic. It’s an old village tucked away in the mountains. It’s so picturesque. They call it the Venice of the east. There are canals everywhere. It’s so neat! There are lots of foot bridges to get to the stores. Went to the Black Dragon Pool and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. I ate yak. Yep, that’s right. I tried it and it was not too bad. Made a wish at the Dongba Aspiration Windbell. Hope all these wishes come true. I even got dressed up in the traditional Naxi costume and walked around town. Man, did I get some looks. It was pretty funny. I must be the whitest Naxi woman they have ever seen. Oh and they told me I was too skinny. I’ve always been thin but I have lost some weight due to stress. I’m trying to fix that.

The night life in Li Jiang is pretty fun too. Lots of dancing with western music. Lots of bars or discos to choose from. We are treated like celebrities. They take pictures of us and buy us drinks. It’s hilarious and oh so much fun! It makes me laugh. Man, does that feel good. I need more laughter in my life.

Some men I know might really like it here. They don’t marry or make formal commitments. The men go to the woman’s house at night and they leave in the morning. This continues until the man doesn’t feel like coming anymore or the woman locks the door. Interesting. Personally I like commitment. Maybe not marriage but a commitment. I guess I like being “the one” in someone’s life. I only wish I could find “the one” for me that wants to stay with me. I like being the “it” couple that makes the world love what we have.

Kunming has been interested. The city is what they call medium, only 6 million or so. The hotel is fantastic! It’s so nice. I think it must be new. The only problem is the hotel is on the outskirts of town so there’s really nothing close by to walk to. Oh well. Sleep is good too. We went to the stone forest today. Karst formations. The rocks were amazing. We also went to a village to see how the locals live. It’s a little scary but also inspiring. They have so little but yet they are so happy. I love that. I wish more Americans could be that way.

Next stop Guilin…then off to Shanghai to fly home. Boo!!


26 Nov

Everyone always asks, where are you going next or where is your favorite place. It’s so hard to say where I am going next because there are so many places that I haven’t traveled to. I love seeing new places so I rarely go to the same place twice.

My favorite place/experience is also another hard one to answer. I have been very lucky (although sometimes I forget) to have traveled as much as I have. However, I always want to travel more! I have been to some really amazing places in my life and I have done some really great things. They each hold a special place in my heart and in my memory. It’s hard to pick favorites because each place/experience is so different, just like each person is different. Each place and experience has it’s own characteristics.

If I had to pick my top five experience so far, I would have to say the following:

Climbing the Great Wall of China

Riding a camel in the middle eastern desert

Skydiving from 16,000 feet over the Las Vegas desert

Parasailing with my mom in Mexico (she had an extreme fear of heights but she did it for me)

Driving 200 km/hour on the autobahn in Italy

The bucket list is long and the experiences will be aplenty. I look forward to the things I’ve done and the things to come.